Accessing the CVS repository

Two CVS Repositories are in use. The WineHQ's cvs holds the Wine sources, and the Darwine's cvs holds everything else: the website (in darwine/www), WineHelper (in darwine/WineHelper), and some custom Qemu work (in darwine/related/qemu).

Accessing the WineHQ's CVS Repository

See the recommendations on the WineHQ to checkout wine's source code.

Accessing the Darwine@OpenDarwin's CVS Repository provides also information on how to retrieve the repository.

Have a look at the Developers Guide, which explains how to build the different components, and how to submit patches.

The WineHQ CVS source code is sometimes broken on Darwin/Mac OS X. We usually provide patches on the Wiki section Darwine:build, that remain there until they have been committed to the tree.

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